You are not alone

Like you, hundreds of people fall as a victim of these ‘get rich quick’ online scams and due to the lack of legal advice they believe that there are no legal measures to recover the lost fund. But, together with our help, today that number of victims has been in decrease and many have recovered their money from this online scams.

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    Case study:

    A verification of the data provided by our client, the process and the details of the fraud is investigated.

    Gather information:

    We collect all the information regarding your case, transaction history, terms, dates, amounts and payment method used.

    Legal process:

    Our lawyers team begins the process against the companies involved in the transaction.

    Customer's money back:

    Your hard earned money goes back to your bank.

The Global Refund

We are an investment and legal advisory organization dedicated to help  those who have been victims of any online fraud, and ‘get rich quick’ scams in online fraud.


We have at your disposal a group of lawyers, more than 20 years of experience, to exhaust every last resource in recovering your lost money. You can be sure that your case is in the hands of professionals trained to provide you with the best options, as the case may be, and to give truthful advice, regardless of the complexity of the fraud.

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